Code less. Do more.

Alicorn is a Ruby and Java framework that makes writing code for robots fun and easy.

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A Powerful Framework

Alicorn was made by roboticists for roboticists. Driven in part by the many hours we've wasted deploying code to robots and waiting for them to reboot, and in part by the fact that it shouldn't take 50+ lines of code to make a motor do things.

Easy to Use

Get started with just a few lines of Ruby code.

Instant Reload

Reload code changes in realtime without rebooting anything.

Runs Anywhere

Install on any major OS with zero dependencies.

A Simple Ecosystem

Alicorn is powered by Spheres, which are pieces of code that define behaviors for controlling specific hardware and networks. For example, using a Sphere, you can make an LED on an Arduino blink once every second in just a few simple lines of code:

class Hello < Alicorn::Sphere
    def create
        @led = false
        @arduino = getSphere("arduino")

    def update
        @arduino.setDigitalOut(13, (@led = !@led))
        sleep 1000

Get Started In a Few Simple Steps


Extract Alicorn to a safe place on your computer.


Start Alicorn with Alicorn.exe or


Take a look at one of the tutorials to get started!

Get In Touch

Alicorn is developed and maintained by Brandon Sanders, a roboticist who spends all of his time building robots and battling feature creep.